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Chinese New Year 2017

The Chinese Embassy and Service Centre will be closed for the Chinese New Year from 27th to 30th January 2017. We at Chinese Visa Direct will be open and able to receive your applications and answer queries but we will not be able to submit passports to the embassy.

Please allow extra time for your visas and legalisations at the Chinese Embassy – get your visa with us now!

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Chinese New Year 2016 – Embassy holidays

Just a quick note to say that the Chinese Embassy will be closed on the 8th and 9th of February for the Chinese New Year. These days won’t count in calculating the length of time needed for your visa to be processed. Be aware if you are planning to get a visa around that time. Chinese Visa Direct, however, will be open, although we will start at 9am instead of 8:15am on those two days only, and finish at 5pm. Normal service resumes on Wednesday 10th February.

Price changes and rule changes January 2016

We have just been informed that the price of Chinese visas is changing for all passports which are going to be submitted on Monday 11th January 2016 onwards. We are in the midst of updating our website now. However, please do call for prices if you have a UK, USA, Canadian, Polish, Serbian or Romanian passport.

We also understand that the rules for visas will be changing on the week beginning 11th January 2016. We will of course keep you informed of how any rule change will affect your application (if you have already sent us your application) and will update the website with all relevant changes as soon as possible.

More information will follow as it comes to us.

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10th January 2016

Chinese Embassy Holiday 1st – 5th October 2015

The Chinese Embassy is closed 1st – 5th October 2015. We’ll still be open though. What this means is that the intervening working days (Thursday, Friday and Monday) will not count as processing days for the purposes of calculating how long your Chinese visa will take. So, if we submit your passport on 30th September (Wednesday) on the express service, the soonest we will get it back is Wednesday 7th October.

Furthermore, sometimes after the holidays, there are restrictions on what can be submitted. Please therefore allow extra time. Get your visa application to us now!

New Chinese Visa application requirements for February 2013

This is getting complicated!

FOR ALL VISA APPLICATIONS – we now need a photocopy of the photo page of your passport. Please remember you will still need to send us your original passport for the visa to be inserted! We are also going to need a copy of your most recent Chinese Visa (if you have visited China before)

FOR TOURIST VISA APPLICATIONS WITH INVITATION LETTER – in addition to the old invitation letter requirements (see our tourist visa page), your inviter must prove who they are. If the inviter is a Chinese citizen, the invitation letter will need to specify his/her name, contact number, address, and his/her ID card number. We’ll need a photocopy of both sides of the ID. This is in addition to the stuff listed in the paragraph above.

If your inviter is not Chinese, the letter will need to specify his/her name, contact number, address, and his/her passport number and Chinese Visa number. We’ll need a photocopy of the inviter’s passport photo page and of the visa.

All clear? See our tourist visa page for more information on the requirements for China Tourist Visas or our business visa page for information on Chinese Business Visas.

The importance of filling out your Chinese Visa application form correctly, and cheap flights

Being a British national, I always find the visa experience a little odd and I always wonder whether landing cards are kept and filed etc. by the Chinese authorities. Suffice it to say that they are. It is therefore of paramount importance that when you fill out your China Visa application form that you are as accurate as possible. So, for example, if you state that you last visited China in 2005 when in fact you visited China in 2006, this could delay your application for a Chinese Visa.

* * * *

I am often asked whether or not we can provide cheap flights? We used to, but do not anymore. However, my advice is that if you are looking for flights to Beijing or Shanghai, the best fares are invariably accessed from the airline directly. This did not used to be the case but is now.

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