Fingerprints for all visas from 12th November 2018

UPDATE 12th November 2018 – Fingerprints are required for all applications now (unless the traveller is under 14 years old or over 70 years old). Please let us know when you would like to come in to have your fingerprints taken – this can be done any working day at 0930 at the Chinese Visa Application Centre – we will be on hand at the centre to assist you. Further details provided when application has been received.

UPDATE 31st October 2018 – Fingerprints will be required from all visa applications submitted to the embassy from Monday 12th November 2018 onwards. GET YOUR VISA NOW!!!!

Chinese Visa Direct – 22nd October 2018

We have been informed of the Chinese Embassy’s intention to collect fingerprints from all visa applicants from around mid-November. At the moment, fingerprinting is required only in certain circumstances – that will change in mid-November, so if you are putting off applying, please do apply as soon as possible.