Invitation Letters (updated March 2015)

Extra requirements for invitation letters

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Increasingly, invitation letters are needed for all kinds of Chinese Visas, whether tourist or business. For example, an invitation letter can be used in lieu of hotel bookings if you want to get a tourist (holiday) “L” Chinese Visa.

However, it is important that the invitation letter is in the correct format and contains the correct information.

The letter does not have to be an original – it can be a scanned copy or a fax copy – a plain email will not do.

Invitation letter requirements

This is the information that needs to be in the invitation letter:

An invitation from an organisation (such as a business if you are applying for a Chinese business visa) must contain the following information of the applicant: –

date of letter,
full name,
date of birth,
purpose of visit,
date of arriving and leaving China,
place of visit,

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