Chinese New Year holidays 2018! Apply now!

The Chinese Embassy and Service Centre will be closed for the Chinese New Year from 16th – 19th February 2018. We at Chinese Visa Direct will be open and able to receive your applications and answer queries but we will not be able to submit passports to the embassy.

Please allow extra time for your visas and legalisations at the Chinese Embassy – get your visa with us now!

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Need help corresponding with your inviter? New service!

If you need help communicating with your Chinese Inviter in relation to your invitation letter, CVD will now correspond with them by email and phone in Chinese. The cost for this service is:

£10 if you obtain your chinese visa from CVD.

£30 if you do not obtain your chinese visa from CVD.

Call us or email us for more detail.

Price changes and rule changes January 2016

We have just been informed that the price of Chinese visas is changing for all passports which are going to be submitted on Monday 11th January 2016 onwards. We are in the midst of updating our website now. However, please do call for prices if you have a UK, USA, Canadian, Polish, Serbian or Romanian passport.

We also understand that the rules for visas will be changing on the week beginning 11th January 2016. We will of course keep you informed of how any rule change will affect your application (if you have already sent us your application) and will update the website with all relevant changes as soon as possible.

More information will follow as it comes to us.

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10th January 2016

Invitation Letters (updated March 2015)

Extra requirements for invitation letters

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Increasingly, invitation letters are needed for all kinds of Chinese Visas, whether tourist or business. For example, an invitation letter can be used in lieu of hotel bookings if you want to get a tourist (holiday) “L” Chinese Visa.

However, it is important that the invitation letter is in the correct format and contains the correct information.

The letter does not have to be an original – it can be a scanned copy or a fax copy – a plain email will not do.

Invitation letter requirements

This is the information that needs to be in the invitation letter:

An invitation from an organisation (such as a business if you are applying for a Chinese business visa) must contain the following information of the applicant: –

date of letter,
full name,
date of birth,
purpose of visit,
date of arriving and leaving China,
place of visit,

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